The IBBC-Brohltal (Burgbrohler Internationaler Basketball Club - Brohltal) is since september of 2014,

 a newly formed division of the Bürgerverein Burgbrohl e.V. .

This sport is to be found for the first time in the region Brohltal as a department.

The young team was founded by Alexander Reiswich and becoming more young people who are interested in this particular sport.

The Burgbrohler Panther fight since october 2014 in the B-Class Koblenz for every point under the rim.

The administration of the Department of basketball will be working in the near future to give the children the possibility to participate in this sport.

Not only a youth team will be promoted. We want to be give the interest  of a woman team.

Therefore, the Department is confident to provide a youth team and women's team on their feet, to promote basketball in the region Brohltal.


IBBC-Brohltal Team!